‘If This Is a New Year, Why Do I Feel Burned Out?’

5 Tips to Regroup, Refresh and Beat Stress in 2014

Despite the “fresh new start” of 2014, why do you still:

  • Feel isolated and stressed out? Are you ignoring the power of cultivating personal and professional relationships?
  • Believe you can’t afford to leave a job you hate?
  • Neglect your own needs? Are you resisting self-care that makes you stronger and more able to help loved ones, your company, your community and the world overall?
  • Seem unable to see the good in your life?
  • Accept myths about having it all?
  • Have trouble balancing work, family and personal goals?

Invite pioneering life and executive coach Debbie Phillips on-air to explore the answers to those and other “stuck in the New Year” questions.

Since founding Women on Fire® in 2003, Debbie has provided strategies to help thousands of women recapture their spirit and neutralize burnout. She’ll guide your audience to:

  • Savor this new season of limitless opportunities and choices.
  • Reclaim that spark, and confidently pursue goals and dreams.
  • Feel hopeful and enthusiastic, year-round.

Debbie will also share true stories of “women on fire” we can all emulate and appreciate!

CREDENTIALS: The latest book by author, speaker, and former journalist, governor’s press secretary and television executive Debbie Phillips is WOMEN ON FIRE: 21 Inspiring Women Share Their Life Secrets. Debbie has been connecting women to each other via the Women on Fire program and community for 10 years.

AVAILABILITY: Massachusetts, East Coast, nationwide by arrangement, and via telephone or Skype
CONTACT: Meredith Schoenberger, (216) 407-1232 (MA); Meredith@womenonfire.com; www.womenonfire.com

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