How Women’s Accomplishments Have Been Downplayed Throughout History (And Why That Hurts Everybody)

Not many people know that DNA was discovered by a woman. So was radium. The first electric dishwasher was invented by a woman; so were Kevlar, Scotchguard and White-Out. Sadly, the contributions made by women throughout history have been downplayed; scour any textbook, and you’ll find that it highlights the men who have started the wars, legislated the laws and invented the products we use every day.

Margie Baldock says that’s a terrible thing, especially since everyone benefits from the achievements women have made for our society. Invite her on your show to learn:

  • Why some men feel threatened by accomplished women and seek to downplay their contributions.
  • Why women self-sabotage themselves by downplaying their own achievements – or stopping just short of their goals.
  • How downplaying the achievements of women hurts EVERYONE – male and female.
  • Why we’re on the verge of a “golden age” where women will be solving our day-to-day problems.

CREDENTIALS: Margie Baldock is an entrepreneur, property developer, financial adviser and mother. She is the author of THE MOTHER LODE MANIFESTO: How to Conceive a Fortune and Give Birth to Your Wildest Dreams, which provides a step-by-step master plan for women hoping to achieve financial independence and gain an abundance of time while transforming the destructive path our world is heading down. She is a former TV news reporter and for years was a financial expert on Australia’s ABC Radio, and currently hosts a video blog about property development for Australia’s leading property investment magazine.

AVAILABILITY: Nationwide by arrangement, via telephone and via Skype
CONTACT: Margie Baldock, (877) 550-8714;; margie_baldock (Skype);

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