How to Win the Battle of the Bulge and Still Indulge in Your Favorite Comfort Foods 

Resolving to slim down in 2014? You’re mistaken if you think battling the bulge must include cutting down on food flavor and variety … giving up your comforting go-to snacks … limiting yourself to lackluster low-cal meals … or feeling hungry all day.

Invite on-air chef and certified macrobiotic health counselor Jill Skeem on your show to learn how to succeed at that top New Year’s resolution by giving each menu a “vegan makeover.”

With great conversation, and on-air cooking demos (plus taste tests!) ideal for TV and radio, Skeem will discuss:

  • Ideas for deliciously healthy comfort foods like mouth-watering, winter-warming Butternut Squash Soup, Shepherd’s Pie and “Where’s the Beef?” Chili.
  • Looking better and living longer by adding sea vegetables to your diet.
  • Satisfying that sweet tooth without sugar.
  • Warning: drinking too much water can contribute to obesity.
  • Reducing weight and your heart disease risks with lifestyle changes that start in the kitchen.

Plus appreciative audiences will learn about:

  • Changing the direction of one’s health in 10 days.
  • What your NOSE says about your overall health.
  • 5 simple habits for improving digestion.

CREDENTIALS: Jill Skeem teaches cooking classes and lectures on health and wellness for companies, schools and organizations nationwide. She’s a contributing writer to various publications, hosts her own talk show on, and guests frequently on television and radio. Her award-winning cookbook is COMFORT FOOD GETS A VEGAN MAKEOVER, featured on The Giftionary Show.

AVAILABILITY: Idaho, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone

CONTACT: Jill Skeem, (208) 320-2786 (ID);;

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