How to Win Raffles, Door Prizes, Sports Bets and More

Are you one of those people who never win anything? Would you have no luck whatsoever if you didn’t count bad luck? Jaden Sterling will tell you the secrets to good fortune that you’ve been overlooking whether you play the lottery, lost the Super Bowl pool again or are sick of watching other people win the great gifts at banquets and other affairs.

Invite this unique success expert on your program to learn:

  • 4 steps to winning contests and drawings. In the past month, he’s helped a dozen people do this
  • How to set your inner GPS to Wealthy and prime your “Money Faucet.”
  • Proven ways to attract New Clients, Money, and Success FAST.

Attention hosts: Jaden is a seasoned media expert. In addition to hosting his own radio show, “Soul to Profit Radio,” Jaden has appeared on 100-plus radio and TV shows.

CREDENTIALS: International best-selling author Jaden Sterling accomplished what most only dream of: by age 26 he was ranked in the top 1 percent of income earners in the United States. By age 31, he retired from corporate America. One of the top success experts in North America, he works closely with Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs. Jaden is a sought after media expert featured on Fox Business News and in the St. Petersburg Times. He is the author of “Manifesting Wealth & Wisdom Daily Oracle Cards” and founder of the Wealth Mastery Institute. His book, THE ALCHEMY OF TRUE SUCCESS, was a finalist in USA News 2013 Best Book Awards

AVAILABILITY: Nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
00 Jaden Sterling, (250) 341-6964 (BC);; Skype: Jadensterling8888

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