How to Turn Midlife into Your Greatest Adventure Yet  

Television and movies often have plots revolving around midlife crises, usually depicting the issue with broken marriages, major career changes, and even a stereotypical red Corvette thrown in. While the plots are fictional, the condition is all too real for many people who panic during midlife, and burn down everything they’ve built up to that point.

Interview strategic intervention coach Tom Epperson, who will share advice on how to make your midlife experience your greatest adventure yet–without losing everything you’ve worked for. His message is relevant to anyone approaching midlife, those already in it but don’t know how to deal with it, or even those recovering from a midlife meltdown.

Tom will explain:

  • Why you are just 5 steps from being fearless, and how that can help you overcome anything that comes your way.
  • The concept of “Mental Gravity” and how to make sure it doesn’t pull you into a black hole.
  • How to realistically plan for the next phase of your life and own your own destiny.
  • Why just thinking positive is never going to cut it.
  • Effective strategies for turning personal tragedies into triumph.
  • The three major trials every life must face.

CREDENTIALS: Tom Epperson is a public speaker, strategic intervention coach, and author of the upcoming book FLYING IN THE FACE OF GRAVITY: How to Break Free of a Negative Atmosphere and Live a Life of Abundance.

AVAILABILITY: SC, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Tom Epperson, (843) 814-4702 (SC);

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