How to Support Worthy Causes without Spending Big Bucks

From Food Banks to Struggling Schools to Pet Rescue 

When your audience members listen to the news or open their mail, they’re likely to hear sad stories of people and nonprofit organizations that need their help. Most of us want to give back. But how can we afford to help others when we’re on a tight budget?

Ask Sharon Lipinski. A generosity expert known as The Donation Defender, she is on a mission to inspire Americans to take part in a 12-month giving challenge.

“We all have families, jobs, budgets, responsibilities. There are so many demands on our time and money–but it is possible to make a big impact on the causes you care about even if you have no time or money,” Lipinski says.

She will reveal:

  • The best way to give back this year is to make small donations every month. After all, people need help all year long.
  • How to donate when you’re broke.
  • 3 key donation rules to make sure you’re giving where it helps most.
  • Myths about choosing a reputable charity: why you should ignore the charity’s expense ratio.
  • Simple things that make a big difference, from visiting senior centers to donating school supplies.
  • How to use giving circles to make little donations go a long way.

CREDENTIALS: Sharon Lipinski is a nationwide expert on Giving Circles, a speaker and a military wife. She founded Change Gangs: Virtual Giving Circles to provide help and resources for people who like to give money to causes they care about.

AVAILABILITY: GA, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone

CONTACT: Sharon Lipinski, (970) 581-7681 (GA);;

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