How to Get Through the ‘Ruff’ Times with That Puppy You Got as a Holiday Gift

Now that you received a puppy as a holiday gift, what do you do with it? Canine expert Faith McCune says that, sadly, many people–especially kids–regard puppies as toys, and aren’t prepared for the amount of work they require. With the holidays over, the kids have gone back to school; you’ve gone back to work; and the reality of caring for a pup has set in.

McCune advises that you take a step back and breathe. Having a puppy in your home at this time of year may not have been your idea, but don’t take it out on the little guy. So, let’s teach him how to behave the rest of the year …and, hopefully, the rest of his life.

This doggone knowledgeable guest can also share these tips:

  • Breed-specific activities that can help a pup to best utilize his energy.
  • How to schedule walks and playtime, which are essential to puppies.
  • Effective potty training and pup safety tips.
  • Treats or toys you can use to keep him entertained when he’s home alone or when you need “time out.”
  • Tips for socialization and bite inhibition.
  • The importance of patience and understanding when dealing with an unruly pup.

CREDENTIALS: Faith McCune is the author of DUFFY’S WORLD: Seeing the World Through a Dog’s Eyes. She is a lifelong dog owner and dog behavior expert who is mom to a rambunctious Australian Shepherd, for whom her book is named.

AVAILABILITY: CA, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Faith McCune, (855) 997-7900 (CA);

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