How to Get Everything You Want for Less, Using the Shared Economy

Did you know that you can afford to drive a BMW without buying or leasing it? Have people compete for the chance to do your errands? Borrow money for less from an ordinary person instead of a big bank? These are but a few examples of exciting services available from the new multibillion-dollar sharing economy. Co-authors Paula Vigneault and Delia Horwitz will explore how this economy is creating hundreds of new business opportunities while helping us save money, pool resources and connect with our neighbors.

Hear Why This May Be the Economic Story of the Century

CREDENTIALS: Co-authors of COLLABORATION SOUP: A Six-Step Recipe for Co-Creative Meetings and Other Conversations, Vigneault and Horwitz specialize in promoting productivity and collaboration in community, nonprofit and business settings.

AVAILABILITY: California, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Delia Horwitz, (805) 215-3717 (CA);


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