How to Avoid a Battle After You’re Gone

Have Heirlooms? Leaving an Inheritance?

Family battles over the belongings a loved one leaves behind can get downright vicious.  From jewelry and treasured knick knacks down to the toaster (yes, the toaster) the surviving family often fights over the emotion attached to the object and not the object itself.

Sought after as an advisor for financial advisors and consumers alike, master gemologist appraiser Susan Eisen has spent the last three decades helping clients with their collections and precious treasures.  While she’s seen how families — regardless of their economic status — can be shattered over these objects, she’s also discovered how to avoid it.

Invite her on air to share what she knows about how to protect your family, regardless of if you have expensive heirlooms or not, after you’re gone.

She’ll talk about:

  • How she coaches parents, grandparents, and children into making wise decisions on how to divide family heirlooms.
  • Why everyone should have a “With Love List” and how it can be a peacemaker for families at war.
  • How to ensure everyone is generally satisfied with their inheritance while preserving family ties.

CREDENTIALS: Susan Eisen studied fine arts and is a graduate gemologist. She has received 11 trademarks and one design patent for her creations.  Some of her awards and honors include being named one of the top
31 jewelers by National Jeweler Magazine and “Woman of Retail of the Year” by the Women’s Jewelry Association.  She is also the author of Crazy About Jewelry and the highly anticipated THE MYTH OF THE MILLION-DOLLAR DISHRAG.

AVAILABILITY: TX, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Susan Eisen, (915) 584-0022;;

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