How to a Be Leader in Uncertain Times

Change and uncertainty—along with complexity and
responsibility—come standard with leadership. Whether
it’s a reorganization, mergers or natural disaster,
leadership expert Brenda K. Reynolds says, “Learning
how ‘to be’ when the answers are unclear is the most
important leadership muscle you can build but it’s not
typically taught in business schools.” Reynolds will
discuss how to go from the way things were to the way
they will be and why it’s critical to avoid rushing
through this uncomfortable period in between called
uncertainty. Instead, she advises, “Turn your ‘now
what?’ moment into a ‘why not?’ moment by recognizing
that those uncomfortable shifts provide opportunities
to make something even better out of the situation.”
Brenda K. Reynolds has been featured in Bloomberg News,
Business News Daily and on Starcom Radio Network. Her
new book is “TBD: To be Determined: Leading with
Clarity and Confidence in Uncertain Times.” Contact her
at (610) 639-5722;

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