How Kids Can Distance Themselves from Negative Social Media

Former Bullied 16-Year-Old Explains

Texting, Facebook and social media are hugely popular, but these communication tools are often abused. Today’s bullies use technology to harass their victims and spread malicious rumors any time of day or night.

What can kids and teens do if they are targeted by cyberbullies? Ask 16-year-old author Heather Johnson. Heather had been bullied as a child, but found a creative outlet in her writing. Heather wrote her young adult novel, HIDDEN VOICE: A Story of Discovering Strengths at age 13 to inspire and encourage preteens and teens impacted by bullies. “Even a shy person to a bully is like blood in the water to a shark,” Heather says.

Heather will reveal:

  • Don’t be persuaded by the negativity around you. The key is not to let other people’s views define you.
  • It’s OK to use social media, as long as you don’t use it obsessively.
  • Only “friend” people you actually know.
  • When you focus on your strengths and passions, you won’t have time to get caught up in all the drama online.
  • Her inspiring story of how she overcame bullies.
  • How parents can help their teen … from a teen’s point of view.

CREDENTIALS: Heather Johnson made the commitment to become a professional writer at age 13. Featured on a CBS News story and ABC’s Good Morning Alaska, she has also had over a dozen radio interviews. Heather is active in her community, a licensed business owner, instructor at the Alaskan Young Writer’s Conference and nominee of the Alaskan Spirit of Youth Award.

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