Holiday Travel: Uber/Lyft Safety

The holiday travel season is creeping up on us and
millions will leave home over the next several weeks to
spend time with family and friends. These days,
travelling often involves taking a Lyft or Uber, but
many people don’t have a clue how to use these services
and it may actually put them in danger. Invite
Uber/Lyft expert Mukon Ngoyi to share tips on how to
navigate city streets safely. You’ll learn why you
should always look in the vehicle before getting
inside, what you should never do while in a Lyft, and
common etiquette including whether it’s ok to eat and
drink during your ride. Listeners can even call in with
their own questions about Uber and Lyft. A highly
commended former Uber and Lyft driver, Mukon Ngoyi is
the author of the upcoming book “Hustlin’ Hummingbird.”
Contact her at (385) 201-8447;

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