Florida School Shooting Experts

John Matthews, mass shootings/security expert

These types of security and response plans and training
are exactly what he has been traveling the country,
doing for decades at churches, schools and event
venues. John is a highly-decorated law enforcement vet,
has worked with the Department of Homeland Security and
has (as part of the organization he founded in Dallas
— the Community Safety Institute) done extensive
research on every mass shooting event in America over
the last 30 years. He can provide not only basics on
building plans and training people, but statistics and
trends on these types of events. John Matthews has
appeared on network and cable programs and hosted his
own radio show in Dallas. Contact Jason Jones at

Researchers say that since 2013, they have logged
school shootings at a rate of about one a week. “We
have absolutely become numb to these kinds of
shootings, and I think that will continue,” says
Katherine Schweit, a former senior F.B.I. official and
the co-author of a study of 160 active shooting
incidents in the United States. “Any time there’s a
school shooting, it’s more gut-wrenching, and I think
we have a tendency to react in a more visceral way,”
Schweit says. “But I really don’t think as a whole, in
society, we’re taking shootings more seriously than we
were before — and that’s wrong.” As an FBI special
agent, Schweit was responsible for the FBI’s active-
shooter training — the most extensive effort of its
kind, initiated following the Sandy Hook Elementary
tragedy in Newtown, Conn., in 2012. Contact her at
(703) 864-5349; katherine.schweit@gmail.com

Former British Army Officer Chris Bird, author of
“Surviving a Mass Killer Rampage”

Former British Army Officer Chris Bird has some lessons
to share as well as questions to ask ourselves: What
should we do if we found ourselves caught in a mass
shooting? Can you ever be prepared for chaos or to
remain calm as one unfolds? How can we always be aware
of our surroundings without feeling paranoid? Bird can
talk about the two options you have: to run or hide and
if you choose the latter, what distinguishes cover from
fire from concealment. Bird is the author of “Surviving
a Mass Killer Rampage” and a former San Antonio
Express-News crime reporter. Contact him at (210)
308-8191; cjbird@satx.rr.com

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