Fascinating Evidence of Visits and Messages from the Other Side

Do You Believe in ‘After-Death’ Contacts?

Are you happy when relatives drop by unannounced? What if those relatives happen to be your departed loved ones arriving and communicating from the next life?

Such “after-death” contacts are far more common than most of us realize — says Dr. Mark Pitstick, a noted expert and national speaker about life, death and the afterlife. Watch show ratings climb when Dr. Pitstick explores how deceased loved ones reach out to us, and how we can respond. He will discuss:

  • More than 75 million Americans say they’re certain that a deceased parent, spouse, child, army buddy or even a beloved pet has returned.
  • Sensing such visits and messages, which are often associated with familiar sounds or scents (Grandma’s favorite song, Mom’s perfume, Dad’s cigar aroma) or a touch when no one’s nearby.
  • Vivid dreams during which you see or talk with your late loved one.
  • Unexplained physical happenings: mysterious phone calls, lights or electronic devices turning on or off by themselves, long-lost mementos that reappear.

Invite callers to share their own stories!

CREDENTIALS: Mark Pitstick, M.A., D.C., has 40 years experience helping many people in hospitals, pastoral counseling settings, mental health centers, and his holistic chiropractic practice. Dr. Pitstick is a sought-after media guest, contributing writer and filmmaker who hosts the radio show Ask The Soul Doctors. His books, SOUL PROOF and RADIANT WELLNESS, have been endorsed by many luminaries including Drs. Bernie Siegel, Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra.

AVAILABILITY: Ohio, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Dr. Mark Pitstick, (740) 701-9793 (OH); mark@soulproof.com; www.soulproof.com; www.Radiant101.com

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