Do the Show Most Media Won’t Do: How to Wipe Out Judicial Fraud!

You won’t read about it in the newspapers or magazines, but you can discuss it on your show when you interview author and free-speech advocate Lev Tsitrin, founder of the newly formed Coalition Against Judicial Fraud (

Unafraid to publicly state that American justice is neither blind nor balanced and that judicial fraud remains unchecked and uncovered by the fourth estate, Lev will share the lessons he learned during his own First Amendment litigation.

Find out if your audience members agree with Lev as he shares:

  • How the press has changed from the muckrakers of a century ago to staunch upholders of the status quo.
  • Why we do not need well-connected political appointees to serve as judges; a twentysomething with a degree in logic would do better.
  • How federal judges really operate.
  • Why we have been hypnotized into giving judges our unquestioning trust, and forget that they are merely government, and should be kept under close public scrutiny.
  • We are ruled not by law, but by judges’ whim; the “rule of law” is a patriotic fiction.
  • Why Lady Justice should be replaced by such written statements as “Federal judges have the right to be corrupt or malicious” or “Judges have the right to arbitrarily substitute parties’ arguments with the judges’ own imaginings.”

CREDENTIALS: Lev Tsitrin is a veteran of dozens of talks shows on which he has spoken about terrorism, religion and free-speech issues. He wrote THE PITFALL OF TRUTH: Holy War, Its Rational and Folly under the pseudonym Vel Nirtist.

AVAILABILITY: New York, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Lev Tsitrin, (718) 951-1012 (NY);

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