Do a Show on Yoga Moves for the Ultra-Busy

Every day, thousands of Americans attend yoga classes. Many more, convinced they don’t have time to exercise outside the home, battle anxiety stemming from excessive work and family obligations. As Americans assume more and more responsibilities, those who could benefit most from practicing yoga often can’t find time for it—but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Instructors Tommijean and Ben Thomas reveal specific yoga sequences promised to reduce stress, improve coping, and aid in the spiritual development of even the most overworked listener. Themselves busy job-holders and parents, the Thomases will unveil a scientifically-validated approach to practicing yoga, while teaching easy ways to integrate it into a hectic schedule. Whether you are a novice, advanced student, or instructor, the Thomas’s method is sure to build strength, flexibility, and consciousness—all without having to leave the living room.

On your show Tommijean and Ben Thomas will:

  • Explain why yoga is a powerful tool for everyone—and why men, who are sometimes reluctant to trying it, are missing out.
  • Reveal why the common practice of following an instructor’s moves isn’t always the ideal way to practice yoga—and describe how the Iyengar style of yoga’s use of belts, ropes, and wooden gadgets, to hold the body in place, enhances results.
  • Advise listeners looking to de-stress their busy lifestyles, while answering questions frequently posed by yoga students and debunking common yoga myths.

CREDENTIALS: Tommijean Thomas, Ph.D., and Ben Thomas, B.S. are senior Iyengar yoga practitioners of over 30 years. Their book is IYENGAR YOGA: The Integrated and Holistic Path to Health.

AVAILABILITY: AZ, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone.
CONTACT: Raffi Anderson, (800)-207-1679, ext. 375;

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