Did Trump Out-Fox the Network?

Fox News used to be the center of information for
Republicans, but Jared Yates Sexton says that’s not the
case anymore. He argues that Donald Trump effectively
replaced the conservative media channel with a direct
line of communication. He says Trump’s tweets have
rendered the network obsolete and given him a cult-like
following. “His supporters show no signs of leaving
him. As it is in a cult, the leader defines their
reality and any step outside of those parameters is
damning to both the worldview and the possessor. So,
with every new tweet, Trump and his satellite of
characters are giving the devoted direct information
and instructions on how to combat the cognitive
dissonance of damaging events.” Jared Yates Sexton is
an author and political commentator He is a professor
of writing and linguistics at Georgia Southern
University. He’s the author of several books including
the upcoming “The People Are Going to Rise Like the
Waters Upon Your Shore, a firsthand account of the
events that shaped the 2016 Presidential Election.”
Contact him at jysexton@gmail.com; @jysexton

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