Country Music’s Gun Culture

In the wake of the Las Vegas attack at the Route 91
Harvest Festival, the culture of country music and its
relationship with guns has come under a lot of scrutiny
as policymakers, the media, pundits, and just ordinary
people try and make sense of this senseless act of
violence. Kurt Bardella can discuss the issue. He says,
“Missing from the current conversation is a real effort
to understand the underlying emotions and sentiments
behind the so-called gun culture of country music. I’ve
spoken to a number of country music artists this week
who are trying to find a way to be a productive and
positive part of this conversation without experiencing
a Dixie Chicks-like backlash.” Kurt Bardella is a
political commentator and the creator and publisher of
the @MorningHangover, a daily country music email tip-
sheet. Contact him at;

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