Could Your Listeners Pass This Expert’s Credit Card Quiz?

Odds are your listeners have more than one of them in their wallets but how much do they really know about using credit cards to their best advantage? You’ll find out when you have Howard Dvorkin, CPA, author, consumer debt and personal finance expert, as your guest.

Known for his clear and concise advice and his popularity as a talk show guest and newspaper source, Dvorkin will quiz your audience on the pros and cons of living credit card-free and offer advice from his new book, POWER UP, For example, will your audience know:

  • Whether they need a credit card to rent a car or to up their credit scores?
  • If living without credit cards is impossible or even dangerous?
  • How to strategically use a credit card so that it works in your favor and not just the bank’s?
  • Which 3 rules to live by when it comes to living with credit cards?
  • Whether having a credit card for emergencies is a good enough reason to keep a credit card around?

CREDENTIALS: Howard Dvorkin is a CPA, founder of, a nonprofit organization, and author of Power Up: Taking Charge of Your Financial Destiny, from Wiley & Sons. He has been quoted in thousands of publications, including the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Money.

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