Class Size Cuts, Tenure, Homework … and Other Things That Waste Taxpayers’ Money

School taxes go up year after year, but at least your hard-earned dollars are helping to support and improve our educational system, right?

Former superintendent Philip Cicero, Ed.D., says that couldn’t be further from the truth. Research shows that most of the costly school reforms since the 1980s have just been a waste your money. He says the system is broken and will keep getting worse until we get rid of what doesn’t work.

He’ll explain the problems and proven, cost-effective alternatives as he discusses:

  • Why class size reduction doesn’t help students or teachers.
  • Ways unions, tenure and laws like “last in – first out” weaken the pool of classroom teachers.
  • How homework, technology, remediation and other antiquated practices get in the way of student achievement.
  • Why attending school board meetings is the best way to take a stand against wasteful practices.

Dr. Cicero also addresses other controversial issues, such as:

  • How merit-based pay for teachers could help save inner city schools.
  • The vital role charter schools are playing in school reform.

CREDENTIALS: Philip Cicero, Ed.D., taught K-12 and served as coach, club advisor, administrator and superintendent of schools in his 35-year career in public education. Now an adjunct professor at Adelphi University, he has published numerous articles in educational journals and his book, THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS OF THE K-12 EDUCATION SYSTEM. Cicero has extensive experience being interviewed for television, radio and print.

AVAILABILITY: NY, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Philip Cicero, Ed.D., (516) 465-3972 or (233) 4464 (NY);



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