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HBO’s Wizard of Lies

HBO’s Bernie Madoff movie, Wizard of Lies, premiered this past weekend. Starring Robert De Niro as Madoff and Michelle Pfeiffer as his wife, the movie provides the perfect opportunity to update your audience on avoiding the proliferating scammers out to cheat them of their money. There are few individuals better to arm them than Bill […]

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Is Your Grad Ready for College?

Did you know, that according to HigherEducation.Org, over 60% of college bound students need some level of remediation courses? These courses cost extra money that you probably didn’t take into account when estimating tuition costs, and the courses will delay a timely, 4-year graduation time. Adrian Ridner, CEO and co-founder of, has some sure-fire […]

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Hot Summer Trend: Pop-Up Beer Gardens

Each summer, hundreds of craft beer festivals, beer tastings and beer gardens pop up all around the country. This summer, the drinking public can expect to see even more events featuring local beer tastings, beer pairings with food, and beer with entertainment options, according to event planning expert Lynn Fuhler. She’ll discuss the growing popularity […]

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02/21/17 RTIR E-zine: Wicked Tuna, NAFTA, American Heart Month

February 21, 2017 01. Trump/Netanyahu Meeting – One State Solution? 02. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is 03. Wiki-leaks, Illegal Leaks and Donald Trump 04. Trump’s Age & Hair-Loss Drug = Dementia? 05. Capt. Dave Marciano of Nat Geo’s ‘Wicked Tuna’ 06. Amazon Kid Hit ‘Annedroid’ Creator 07. Black History Month: Will the World […]

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12/8 RTIR E-zine: Economic Crash, College Break, Relationship Mistakes

December 8, 2016 01. Trump Tax Cuts and the Federal Deficit 02. Recount Upshot: ‘Victories’ by Mere Pluralities 03. WSJ Foodie Gail Monaghan – Holiday Cooking 04. HoHo Hold the Line on Holiday Shopping Debt 05. Finally – What’s Really in a Hot Dog? 06. Will Your Family Survive the Economic Crash? 07. Make Resolution […]

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11/1/16 RTIR E-zine: James Comey, Peace Activists, Election Voting

November 1, 2016 FR: Lauren Healy and Chris Morabito, Editors, Radio-TV Interview Report Magazine 01. FBI Director James Comey – Neither Saint nor  Villain 02. Israeli Peace Activist to Be Sentenced 03. The Good, Bad and Ugly of Election Voting 04. Millions Distraught over Election Choices 05. Trump & Clinton – Understanding Narcissists 06. Dr. […]

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