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How to Turn Midlife into Your Greatest Adventure Yet  

Television and movies often have plots revolving around midlife crises, usually depicting the issue with broken marriages, major career changes, and even a stereotypical red Corvette thrown in. While the plots are fictional, the condition is all too real for many people who panic during midlife, and burn down everything they’ve built up to that […]

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25% of Families Are Stressed Out by Debt

How Even They Can Have the Best Year of Their Lives According to a recent Mintel survey, one in four households reports experiencing significant stress over money problems and 52 percent of respondents believe that being debt-free at retirement will be impossible. Julie Renee Doering — who once faced high medical and credit-card bills and […]

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The ‘Accidental Organizer’ Reveals Super De-Cluttering Secrets

Perfect Spring Topic You just can’t get it together. The guest room, the bedroom, even your calendar – they’re all cluttered and disorganized beyond repair. It’s too bad you were born without that “organizing gene” – otherwise, you’d be able to address that mess and get your life back in order, right? Well, there is […]

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