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This Expert Wrote the Book on Happiness

As Seen on Oprah and CNN With health problems, job uncertainty, family discord, relationship woes, home maintenance, bills to pay, retirement to fund, and all of the other cares and responsibilities facing us each day, the idea of finding happiness can seem like only a dream. Nonetheless, therapist and best-selling author Jonathan Robinson contends happiness […]

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Do a Show on the Biggest Relationship Myths Everyone Believes

More than 2 million Americans marry each year, and many millions more are in committed romantic relationships. At the same time, more than a million Americans file for divorce every year and many romantic relationships are torn asunder, too. It can make us wonder whether we know what we’re doing when we’re in love. Relationship […]

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Interview These Experts on BREAKING BAD LUCK

Having a streak of lousy luck lately? Perhaps concerning finances? Friendships? Health? Romance? Work? Weight? Do you fear that your unluckiness (and resulting anxiety) might rub off onto your kids? Discover positives about “bad” luck, and how to turn things around to actually change the energy of your luck, when you interview certified cognitive therapist […]

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What Bestselling Authors Know About Writing a Book That You Don’t

Most of your listeners dream about writing a book one day and those that don’t are curious about how bestsellers are created and how the publishing industry is changing. World-renowned publishing expert Stephanie J. Hale will share with your audience what she learned when she interviewed 12 of the world’s most famous living authors who […]

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