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Former Priest Reveals the Church’s Power-Mad Underbelly That Continues to Drive Parishioners Away

For Tom Kane becoming a priest was the realization of lifelong goal. Staying one was another matter. For 10 years he struggled with the authoritarian, man-made laws and pronouncements of an impersonal Church leadership remote from the plight of the people. Kane realized that those power-hungry leaders had only one aim in mind – the preservation […]

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Metaphysics of Truth is Key to Apocalypse

Unobserved Dynamic Bolsters Amazing New Paradigm When sought-after author and speaker Matthew Petti talks about the Metaphysics of Truth, listeners are captivated by his unique ability to expose and challenge our diverse inherited assumptions and their impact on our future and the very nature of reality. Petti provides a new model for answering humanity’s most […]

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How Will the Supreme Court Rule on Public Prayer?

Controversial Show for 2014 More than 50 years since ending prayer in public schools, the Supreme Court is preparing to vote on another prayer-related issue just as controversial and polarizing. What will happen when the highest court considers banning ALL public prayer: at sporting events, community gatherings, civic ceremonies, government meetings and more? Why should […]

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