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Black Mondays: Worst Decisions of the Supreme Court

When the first edition of Black Mondays was published in 1987, bad Supreme Court decisions were an anomaly.  Now the nations highest court has taken advantage of a power vacuum in Washington to become the most powerful branch of government.  The High Court is legislating, despite its apparent “conservative” nature. The worst decision in recent […]

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Do the Show Most Media Won’t Do: How to Wipe Out Judicial Fraud!

You won’t read about it in the newspapers or magazines, but you can discuss it on your show when you interview author and free-speech advocate Lev Tsitrin, founder of the newly formed Coalition Against Judicial Fraud ( Unafraid to publicly state that American justice is neither blind nor balanced and that judicial fraud remains unchecked […]

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Who’s to Blame for America’s Political Dysfunction?

The Answer May Surprise You Everyone knows the Democrats’ socialist policies are destroying the very foundations of America, right? Or is it the obstructive Republicans, with their small-government fetish, who are causing the political chaos in our government? Well, author Carl Jarvis says both views are right … and wrong. As Seen on Fox & […]

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Leading Expert Reveals How the Government Makes the Prescription Drug Abuse Problem Worse

There is a huge problem with prescription drugs in America—but it’s not the one you think. More than one-third of Americans suffer from chronic pain, but due to entirely arbitrary restrictions, millions of Americans are unable to obtain medicines they need, and are forced to live in constant, often excruciating pain. Medical expert Mark J. […]

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5 Common Myths about America’s Most Important Document

Think You Know What the Constitution Says? As U.S. politics seem to grow more dysfunctional by the day, people sometimes wonder whether the Constitution is still relevant. It’s gotten so bad that some people have begun to advocate and embrace radical solutions to the nation’s political crises, including scrapping the Constitution altogether. But how much […]

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