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How to Get Through the ‘Ruff’ Times with That Puppy You Got as a Holiday Gift

Now that you received a puppy as a holiday gift, what do you do with it? Canine expert Faith McCune says that, sadly, many people–especially kids–regard puppies as toys, and aren’t prepared for the amount of work they require. With the holidays over, the kids have gone back to school; you’ve gone back to work; […]

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Talk to the Psychologist Who Taught a Turtle to Do Dog Tricks to Help KidsSeen On Today, Inside Edition, Ellen

Seen On Today, Inside Edition, Ellen Ever hear of a therapy turtle? Psychologist and author Mitch Spero has one named Florida that he trained to roll over, chase his tail, heel, and even give a high five on command – all in the name of showing youngsters they can come out of their shells too, […]

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