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Problem Solving Won’t Solve Your Problems

Stop Before It’s Too Late! Solving a problem is usually the first step in any corporate effort to improve an organization’s inner workings, but there’s a significant drawback to that approach, says management expert Doug Krug, it’s dead wrong! Companies bring in problem solvers to train their workforce, but the “expert” is only teaching what […]

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80% of People Want to Have Their Own Business

Expert Shows Them How George Horrigan is an Innovation and Business Planning expert who has shown more than 1,200 business owners how to take their business to the next level in revenue, profits, and personal freedom. Your audience wants to know these secrets! Horrigan takes business growth opportunities beyond tips on sales and marketing; he […]

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Interview These Experts on BREAKING BAD LUCK

Having a streak of lousy luck lately? Perhaps concerning finances? Friendships? Health? Romance? Work? Weight? Do you fear that your unluckiness (and resulting anxiety) might rub off onto your kids? Discover positives about “bad” luck, and how to turn things around to actually change the energy of your luck, when you interview certified cognitive therapist […]

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What the Government Doesn’t Want You to Know About Buying HUD Homes at a Deep Discount

Have you ever watched one of those house-flipping shows? The ones where intrepid investors buy a home for a low, low price, add carpeting and a new coat of paint, and sell it months later for a big, big profit? Sure you have. And chances are, you’ve walked away from that show thinking, “I could […]

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How to Turn Midlife into Your Greatest Adventure Yet  

Television and movies often have plots revolving around midlife crises, usually depicting the issue with broken marriages, major career changes, and even a stereotypical red Corvette thrown in. While the plots are fictional, the condition is all too real for many people who panic during midlife, and burn down everything they’ve built up to that […]

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The ‘Accidental Organizer’ Reveals Super De-Cluttering Secrets

Perfect Spring Topic You just can’t get it together. The guest room, the bedroom, even your calendar – they’re all cluttered and disorganized beyond repair. It’s too bad you were born without that “organizing gene” – otherwise, you’d be able to address that mess and get your life back in order, right? Well, there is […]

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