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How to Win the Battle of the Bulge and Still Indulge in Your Favorite Comfort Foods 

Resolving to slim down in 2014? You’re mistaken if you think battling the bulge must include cutting down on food flavor and variety … giving up your comforting go-to snacks … limiting yourself to lackluster low-cal meals … or feeling hungry all day. Invite on-air chef and certified macrobiotic health counselor Jill Skeem on your […]

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Leading Expert Reveals How the Government Makes the Prescription Drug Abuse Problem Worse

There is a huge problem with prescription drugs in America—but it’s not the one you think. More than one-third of Americans suffer from chronic pain, but due to entirely arbitrary restrictions, millions of Americans are unable to obtain medicines they need, and are forced to live in constant, often excruciating pain. Medical expert Mark J. […]

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Leading Expert Reveals the Real Cost of Taking Statins (and Whether It’s Too High)

More Americans die of heart disease than any other cause. It cuts across ages and ethnic groups, killing thousands each year. Statins, medicines designed to lower cholesterol and decrease the risk of heart disease, are taken by one in four Americans over the age of 45—and growing. Lauded as a miracle medicine, America’s most prescribed […]

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Why Your Kitchen Countertop or Table May Be Keeping You from Success in 2014

‘Tis the season for resolutions, and with it comes many a new attitude for forging success, whether it’s for better health, career, or relationships. What may have been keeping you from success in the past may not have been your attitude, though—it may have been your kitchen table! Unique Show for the New Year Instead […]

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This Guest Has the Cure for Couch Potato-itis

Got the “holidays are over blahs?” If so, you’re in good company. January is never an inspiring month. If your audience is spending their free time horizontal on the couch, eating leftovers and watching TV, they may need a friendly wake-up call. Inspiring personal trainer Shay de Silva shares creative ideas for getting moving again–without […]

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This Surgeon Has Inspiring Advice for Parents of A Less Than Perfect Child

In the United States, about a half million children have obsessive compulsive disorder. At least 2.5 million children have dyslexia, and a whopping 6.4 million have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Meanwhile, about 210,000 children have Tourette syndrome, a disorder of the nervous system that causes involuntary vocalizations and tics. All of those […]

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