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Why the Government Doesn’t Want You to Know That You’re Eating Genetically Modified Organisms

Would you eat foods that pose unpredictable or dangerous consequences to your health? Like most Americans, you probably consume them every day, completely unaware that you are eating genetically modified organisms (GMOs)—unnatural substances hidden in unlabeled packages. More than 90% of U.S. citizens want GMOs labeled, a privilege enjoyed in over 60 other countries. Who […]

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Why is Childhood Depression at an All-Time High?

Your child might be suffering from depression without you even knowing it. Childhood depression does not ease without treatment, and it isn’t a phase—it is a real, clinical disorder that afflicts over one in ten adolescents. Not even acknowledged as a real condition until the past 30 years, pediatric depression cuts across ethnic groups and […]

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Are You Setting Your Kids Up for Heart Disease and Diabetes?

People generally associate illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and strokes with old age. But according to nutrition and wellness expert Susan Levy, the habits kids develop at a young age can affect them much later in life, for better or worse. After spending years researching and writing about the cumulative impacts that diet, exercise […]

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What Disaster Movies and TV Shows Get Wrong

Action films and TV shows featuring big-budget explosions, car chases and dystopian plots are everywhere. While they’re unlikely to be nominated for Academy Awards or Emmys, these over-the-top entertainments are wildly popular with viewers. For a fresh take on todayÕs hottest programs and movies, do a fun call-in show with Dr. James Hubbard. A survival […]

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