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This Expert Wrote the Book on Happiness

As Seen on Oprah and CNN With health problems, job uncertainty, family discord, relationship woes, home maintenance, bills to pay, retirement to fund, and all of the other cares and responsibilities facing us each day, the idea of finding happiness can seem like only a dream. Nonetheless, therapist and best-selling author Jonathan Robinson contends happiness […]

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Pills Can Kill: Preventing the 4th Leading Cause of Death in America – Medication Mishaps

Did you know that more Americans die from accidental prescription drug overdoses than in motor vehicle accidents — and 100 drug-related deaths happen every day? How can we prevent these kind of tragedies from affecting people we love? Ask medication expert Dr. Louise Achey. “It’s not what drugs you take but how you take them […]

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Why You Should Put Honey on Wounds — and Other Favorite Home Remedy Tips from the Survival Doctor

Spring is nearly here. Millions of Americans are taking advantage of nicer weather to enjoy the great outdoors … and are coming home with bug bites, scrapes, sprains and allergic reactions. When do you need to see a doctor, and when can you treat these kinds of minor maladies yourself? Ask James Hubbard, The Survival […]

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Why Common Pain Treatments Do More Harm Than Good (and What to Do Instead)

Doctor Reveals Americans have been led to believe that you take medication when you‘re in pain. But the pain never really disappears. Medication merely temporarily blocks the pain messages going to the brain, so you erroneously think you’re recovering. Dr. Ray Drury, one of the world’s leading experts in upper cervical care, will reveal on-air […]

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Why Are So Many Celebrities Overdosing – Even After Rehab?

Cory Monteith,  Lisa Robin Kelly On Oct. 10, producers and cast members celebrated the life of Finn Hudson, the handsome—if fictional—quarterback-turned-choir-star who captured the hearts of fans of Fox’s Glee. Offscreen, Hollywood is still mourning the real-life death of the actor who played him, Cory Monteith, who died in July at the age of 31, […]

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