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Why Having an Aging Parent Move In Can Be the Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

Attention Baby Boomers For many people, the idea of having a parent move in with them seems fraught with complications and misery. But Gwen Cheryl Lyn Sarandrea, who holds a master’s degree in clinical counseling/psychology, says the living arrangement can be a win/win for both adult children and their parents as it was for her […]

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How to Make Your Child Less of a Target for Predators

We live in a scary world today, where we frequently hear stories of children subjected to bullying, physical or mental abuse, kidnapping, or even death. What can parents do to keep their children safe? Interview parenting expert Dr. Heather Harder, who explains how parenting advice has essentially remained unchanged since Dr. Spock’s groundbreaking book in […]

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How to Avoid a Battle After You’re Gone

Have Heirlooms? Leaving an Inheritance? Family battles over the belongings a loved one leaves behind can get downright vicious.  From jewelry and treasured knick knacks down to the toaster (yes, the toaster) the surviving family often fights over the emotion attached to the object and not the object itself. Sought after as an advisor for […]

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