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What Do Steve Buscemi, Sly Stallone, Lady Gaga and Rachael Ray Have in Common with the Mafia?

Hey. You wanna go to L.A or Miami to see stars’ homes? Fuggedaboutit. Take a tour of Sicily – it’s a fabulous place to visit and the ancestral birthplace of some of our biggest actors, rock stars and celebrities. Including the chairman of the board, Mr. Sinatra. And while you’re there, you should visit the […]

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Meet the Characters of The Wizard of Dark Street

Wizards, Faeries and Evil-Doers Harry Potter has Ron and Hermione, Bilbo Baggins has Gandalf the Grey, and now there’s Deacon – a talking raven with an encyclopedic brain and the newest, trustiest, bestest friend forever – to 12-year-old wizard Oona Crate, and star of the Wizard of Dark Street book series. Created by film and […]

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What Bestselling Authors Know About Writing a Book That You Don’t

Most of your listeners dream about writing a book one day and those that don’t are curious about how bestsellers are created and how the publishing industry is changing. World-renowned publishing expert Stephanie J. Hale will share with your audience what she learned when she interviewed 12 of the world’s most famous living authors who […]

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Take Listeners Behind the Pages of the Dark Street Series

How Do You Invent a Compelling Fantasy World? There’s a new wizard in town and she’s poised to fill the literary void left by Harry Potter, Ron, and Hermione.  Named Oona Crate, she’s the star of the Wizard of Dark Street book series, and exists somewhere between the worlds of Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter, with magic and […]

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What Madonna and Britney Spears Can Teach Us About Success

It’s Obviously Not About Talent… Did you ever wonder how singers like Madonna and Britney—with, arguably, only moderate talent—manage to become so successful, spanning decades with millions in record sales? Some “one-hit wonders” have great talent, yet we never hear from them again. How does someone rock to the top? Interview Dayna Steele, who spent […]

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Celebrate the 120th Birthday of John Ford, the Legendary Director Who Made John Wayne ‘the Duke’

In the larger-than-life world of film, John Ford stands above everyone. Though known for his Westerns, Ford is recognized as the best auteur of all time. He directed some of the most important films in history – Stagecoach, The Searchers, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, and The Grapes of Wrath . . . set a […]

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Screenwriter Reveals How to Tell It to Hollywood 

What’s Your Backstory? While the ability to tell a good story is a talent few people possess, it can be taught, says author Robert Hammond. And, he adds, a really compelling story has the power to transform lives. Just consider Hammond’s own story. As he transformed his life from heroin addict and thief, Hammond used […]

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