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What Do Steve Buscemi, Sly Stallone, Lady Gaga and Rachael Ray Have in Common with the Mafia?

Hey. You wanna go to L.A or Miami to see stars’ homes? Fuggedaboutit. Take a tour of Sicily – it’s a fabulous place to visit and the ancestral birthplace of some of our biggest actors, rock stars and celebrities. Including the chairman of the board, Mr. Sinatra. And while you’re there, you should visit the […]

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The Military Still Fosters a Culture of Abuse Toward Women

Two Years after The Invisible War Released in 2012, the documentary The Invisible War shined a light on sexual abuse within the U.S. Armed Forces and the military’s alleged inability or unwillingness to bring perpetrators to justice. The film earned applause from critics and an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary Feature. Two years later, […]

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Do the Show Most Media Won’t Do: How to Wipe Out Judicial Fraud!

You won’t read about it in the newspapers or magazines, but you can discuss it on your show when you interview author and free-speech advocate Lev Tsitrin, founder of the newly formed Coalition Against Judicial Fraud ( Unafraid to publicly state that American justice is neither blind nor balanced and that judicial fraud remains unchecked […]

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How Will the Supreme Court Rule on Public Prayer?

Controversial Show for 2014 More than 50 years since ending prayer in public schools, the Supreme Court is preparing to vote on another prayer-related issue just as controversial and polarizing. What will happen when the highest court considers banning ALL public prayer: at sporting events, community gatherings, civic ceremonies, government meetings and more? Why should […]

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