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Problem Solving Won’t Solve Your Problems

Stop Before It’s Too Late! Solving a problem is usually the first step in any corporate effort to improve an organization’s inner workings, but there’s a significant drawback to that approach, says management expert Doug Krug, it’s dead wrong! Companies bring in problem solvers to train their workforce, but the “expert” is only teaching what […]

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Branson … Buffett … Bloomberg: Why They’re Successful While Other People Just as Smart, Aren’t

They’re synonymous with power and achievement. But high-profile leaders in the corporate world, finance and politics — like Buffett, Branson, Bloomberg and others we hear about every day — are not necessarily the smartest at what they do. So what makes them different? What vaults them to such amazing stratospheres of success? Find out when […]

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80% of People Want to Have Their Own Business

Expert Shows Them How George Horrigan is an Innovation and Business Planning expert who has shown more than 1,200 business owners how to take their business to the next level in revenue, profits, and personal freedom. Your audience wants to know these secrets! Horrigan takes business growth opportunities beyond tips on sales and marketing; he […]

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What the Government Doesn’t Want You to Know About Buying HUD Homes at a Deep Discount

Have you ever watched one of those house-flipping shows? The ones where intrepid investors buy a home for a low, low price, add carpeting and a new coat of paint, and sell it months later for a big, big profit? Sure you have. And chances are, you’ve walked away from that show thinking, “I could […]

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Expert Tips for Building Your Professional Network

Think You’re Linked In? It takes connections to get ahead and, in some ways, we’re more connected than we’ve ever been. But in today’s plugged-in world, developing a business contact who’s something more than your 7,891st Facebook friend requires strategy and effort. How much, you ask? Less than you think, say Ron Sukenick and Ken […]

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Don’t Kill Yourself with Harmful Stress, Anxiety, and Burnout at Work

There’s Hope What helps people manage stress and anxiety in order to feel more valued and happier at work? According to Lisa E. Papp, the answer is astoundingly simple: having management express their gratitude for contributions employees make. The same goes for the company’s clients, who may leave if they feel taken for granted. Using […]

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