Can the U.S.’s Biggest Problems Be Solved?

Gun violence. Racism. Political division. Addiction.
Hunger. Homelessness. Every one of these
problems—indeed, almost all problems that plague
America today—are symptoms of one common cause. Trying
to solve them individually is as naïve as trying to
extinguish a fire by throwing gasoline on it. Bring
master problem solver Eldon Grant on your show to
discover what this common cause is and how to eliminate
it, no ifs ands or buts. What Eldon has to say is based
on a quarter-century of intense research, as well as
the practical application of his own and thousands of
other people’s real-life experiments. This forms the
basis of his book, “Solve Every Problem In Your Life:
Secret Ancient Principles Guaranteed to Grant You
Wisdom.” Known as “America’s Wisdom Mentor,” Eldon
welcomes and loves the challenge of converting
skeptics. He can be reached at (704) Solve-It

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