Can the Breach Between the Conservative Church and LGBT Christians Be Repaired?

When Kathy Baldock talks about the conservative Christian Church and gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Christians, people listen. Baldock is an Evangelical, heterosexual Christian and mother of two adult heterosexual children who were homeschooled. Through a decade’s research for her book, <WALKING THE BRIDGELESS CANYON: Repairing the Breach Between the Conservative Church and LGBT Christians (expected in early spring), Baldock began to understand the issues she’ll explore on-air:

  • What leads churches to preach as they do?
  • Why conservative politicians run on anti-gay platforms.
  • American society’s beliefs about gay and transgender people.

Baldock will also discuss her holistic approach to the issue of faith, sexual orientation and gender identity, included in her writings and speaking:

  • Separating the layers of science, culture, history, psychoanalysis, politics and religion.
  • The decades of culture which have obscured a clearer view of Scripture verses repeatedly used to discuss sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • Mixed-orientation marriages, reparative therapy, and the plight of gay youth in churches.
  • The revival in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender churches.
  • Solutions for productive dialogue.

CREDENTIALS:  Author of WALKING THE BRIDGELESS CANYON: Repairing the Breach Between the Conservative Church and LGBT Christians, Kathy Baldock can respectfully and intelligently educate others on this often-emotionally charged issue. She serves on the boards of two national organizations for the inclusion of LGBT Christians, and speaks in churches, community groups and public forums.

AVAILABILITY:  Nevada, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone or Skype; speaking tour begins April

CONTACT:  Kathy Baldock, (775) 690-2995 (NV);;;

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