Brrrr…. How to Thaw Out a Cold Marriage

New Twist for Valentine’s Day

We know February as the month with the fewest days, the hearts-love-and-flowers fest of Valentine’s Day, and, in many parts of the country, another four weeks of wintry weather. For couples not getting along, though, the temperature inside can be much colder than outside, and soon Jack Frost is nipping in places he shouldn’t be!

Couples therapist Marcus Ambrester helps de-ice lonely marriages by explaining his four pillars of awesome relationships. In his down-to-earth fashion, he’ll share simple tips for losing the cold shoulder and rediscovering the warmth you first had as a couple.

Marcus will discuss how to:

  • Avoid the 12 common problems that cause rocky relationships.
  • Stop arguments with just one simple word.
  • Treat your spouse like your best friend even when you’re fuming.
  • Deal with the person your spouse has become—rather than wishing he or she was the same person you married.
  • Resolve problems in your marriage without the melodrama.

CREDENTIALS: With a master’s degree in transpersonal counseling psychology, Marcus Ambrester has been a practicing therapist for 15 years. The author of PILLARS OF AWESOME RELATIONSHIPS: How to Love Your Man When You Are Ready to Kill Him, he is also an ordained minister who has worked extensively with Native American and yogic healing modalities and with Vietnam veterans and their wives to deal with ongoing post-traumatic stress disorder.

AVAILABILITY: TN, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Marcus Ambrester, (615) 653-9198 (TN);; www.pillarsofawesomerelationshi

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