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McCarthyism: Then and Now

According to Ellen Schrecker, “When President Trump accused his predecessor of McCarthyism for supposedly wiretapping his headquarters during the presidential election, he was wrong. Whatever happened — if anything did — it definitely wasn’t McCarthyism. That was a much broader campaign to eliminate an unpopular political, and allegedly dangerous, movement from American life. It could […]

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You Can Turn a Microwave into a Camera?

When asked about President’s Trump’s claims that he’d been wiretapped, advisor Kellyanne Conway addressed the issue of surveillance saying a microwave could be turned into a camera. While the comment became an Internet joke, tech expert Shelly Palmer says “The bigger problem with Conway’s statement was that it clearly illustrated that she has no idea […]

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03/16/17 RTIR E-zine: Muslim Ban, Trump’s Taxes, Pill Free Pain Relief

March 16, 2017 01. About that Muslim Ban 02. Trump and His Taxes 03. Lies and Carnage in Yemen 04. Who Was St. Patrick? 05. She Had Dinner on Cary Grant’s Bed 06. Is Your Partner Financially Faithful? 07. Trump’s VAX/ Autism Claims Divert Attention 08. Will Alzheimer’s Bankrupt Medicare? 09. Namaste – Schools Embrace […]

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Let’s Talk March Madness

Who’s playing? Who should we be watching? And who should you pick in the office pool? EMMY award winning sports expert Kate Delaney, aka the Sports Princess, can help you fill out your brackets and give you the background on this year’s NCAA Tournament. Kate is one of the first women to ever host a […]

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03/09/17 RTIR E-zine: Putin’s Pipelines, Foreign Language Week, Dream Hits

March 9, 2017   01. Obama: “Trump Said What?!” 02. Trumpcare – What it Means for You 03. Putin’s Ties to U.S. Pipelines 04. Nat Geo’s ‘Wicked Tuna’ Premiere Sunday 05. Women’s History Playing Cards – Real Nasty Women 06. From People Mag – Modern Day ‘Hidden Figure’ 07. National Foreign Language Week 08. Tax Advice […]

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03/07/17 RTIR E-zine: Russian Witch Hunt, Daylight Savings, Tax Talk

March 7, 2017 01. Iraqi-American on New Immigration Ban 02. A Day Without a Woman 03. A Man’s Guide to ‘A Day Without a Woman’ 04. Russian Witch Hunt Will Backfire 05. Obama’s Post-Presidency Isn’t Normal 06. Parents Hate Daylight Saving Time 07. It’s National Foreign Language Week 08. Military Recruiting on Campus 09. Widespread […]

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