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11/16/17 RTIR E-zine: GOP Tax Plan, Family Gratitude, Artful Activism

November 16, 2017 01. The GOP’s 20th Century Tax Plan 02. Millionaires – We Don’t Need Tax Cuts 03. Nat Geo Wild – Savage Kingdom: Uprising 04. Thanksgiving Italian American Style 05. Pass the Stuffing and the Family Stories 06. Sitting Around the Table is Tough 07. Develop a Family Gratitude Habit 08. Transgender Day […]

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11/14/17 RTIR E-zine: Italian Thanksgiving, Jewish Comedy, Millennial Men

November 13, 2017 01. Moore Exposes Christian Fundamentalist Problem 02. The Company Trump Keeps Reveals Him 03. Kibbitz about Jewish Comedy 04. Abbondanza! Thanksgiving Italian American Style 05. The Clairvoyant Gourmet – Get Grandma’s Recipes 06. Holiday Help: Go from Bickering to Bonding 07. Thanksgiving – Soothe Irritable Relatives with These Foods 08. Holiday Travel: […]

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11/09/17 RTIR Newsletter: Post-Election Analysis, Family Gratitude Habits, Saving Your Finances

November 09, 2017 01. Post Election Analysis: Healthcare #1 Issue 02. Puerto Rico Water Relief 03. Security Expert Teaches Churches to Protect the Flock 04. Give a Damn this Veterans Day 05. Great Veterans Day Show – Helping Our Heroes 06. Thanksgiving Everyday: Develop a Family Gratitude Habit 07. On and Offline Campus Safety 08. […]

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11/07/17 RTIR E-zine: Helping Our Heroes, Black Sunday, Uber Safety

November 07, 2017 01. No Mr. Trump, It Is Time to Talk about Guns 02. Great Veterans Day Show – Helping Our Heroes 03. Veteran Blasts ‘Kneelers’ as Selfish 04. Is Peaceful Protest a Citizen’s Duty? 05. Journalist Martha Raddatz on ‘Black Sunday’ 06. Are We Stuck in ‘Bad News Hell?’ 07. Open Enrollment for […]

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11/02/17 RTIR Newsletter: Manafort & Gates, Travel Faux Pas, Glass Ceilings

November 2, 2017 01. The Rise of Uzbek Terrorists 02. Vehicle Attacks: New Terrorist Tactic of Choice 03. How to Survive a Pedestrian Attack 04. Manafort & Gates’ Offshore Antics 05. Great Veterans Day Show – Helping a Hero 06. The Cost of Political Correctness 07. Why #MeToo Resonates 08. Time to Prep for Irritating […]

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10/31/17 RTIR Newsletter: Manufacturing Lies, College App Time, Opioid Epidemic and Jobs

October 31, 2017 01. Do Adults Enjoy Halloween More than Kids? 02. Who’s Confused about Open Enrollment? Everyone 03. Trump’s Manufacturing Lies 04. The Problem with Kevin Spacey Coming Out 05. ‘The Graduate’ Turns 50 06. Equifax Breach Still Wreaking Havoc 07. Hurricane, Nuclear Strike: When the Grid Goes Down 08. Sexual Harassment & Abuse […]

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