Ask This Author for His Take on Recovering from Child Abuse

Looking for a Hard-Hitting Guest?

One in six men was abused as a child. But when looking for authors or speakers who are ready to honestly talk about the subject, you’d be hard-pressed to find many men willing to share the truth about their harsh reality and the lasting effects it has had on them.

Greg L. Reid is an exception; with one interview on your show, the abused boys’ secret world of hurt and redemption will be out. From the painful stories of physical abuse at the hands of his parents to how his healing began during marriage therapy, Greg will share everything about the childhood abuse he lived through in the grittiest, yet most inspiring way you’ve ever heard.

He’ll talk about:

  • Why he says forgiving and loving your abusers is the only way to move forward with your life.
  • The two levels of healing trauma and why he says neither one is possible without telling someone about your past.
  • The experience he says made him realize there is nothing to fear in life, not even death.
  • What he says others need to do to help people in their community who are being abused.

CREDENTIALS: Greg L. Reid developed and maintains a decades-long, successful career in civil, structural, and environmental construction and engineering that lasted decades. In order to move on from his abusive childhood he chronicled his abuse and survival in his book, SLAP! PUNCH! KICK! Mom and Dad Are Home.

AVAILABILITY: Canada and US, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Greg L. Reid, (403) 808-7080; or

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