Are You Setting Your Kids Up for Heart Disease and Diabetes?

People generally associate illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and strokes with old age. But according to nutrition and wellness expert Susan Levy, the habits kids develop at a young age can affect them much later in life, for better or worse. After spending years researching and writing about the cumulative impacts that diet, exercise and overall lifestyle choices have on one’s long-term health, Levy can tell your audiences how to start your kids–and themselves–on the path to wellness that will last a lifetime.

Just in Time for Super Bowl Sunday: This guest can share how to make
yummy healthy pizzas for your family at home!

This guest will help put audiences on the road to lifelong health by sharing:

  • The 4-Minute Kitchen Makeover, with tips for transforming your fridge and pantry for optimal health.
  • How to host a fun and filling Souper-Bowl Challenge soup exchange party.
  • The 6 questions to ask yourself before starting a diet plan.
  • Why 95 percent of the people who make weight loss a New Years resolution fail, with simple guidelines for success.
  • Portion control made easy, with simple ideas for planning healthy family meals.

CREDENTIALS: Susan Levy is the author of Well-Fed, with more than 20 million booklets in print, and creator of The 4-Minute Kitchen Makeover. She also was a researcher for Newsweek and NBC Radio; is a spokesperson for the American Heart Association’s Go Red campaign, and has partnered with medical centers across the country to translate scientific research on healthy lifestyles.

AVAILABILITY: Washington State, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Susan Levy, (206) 842-8588, (WA);

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