Are America’s Ethics on Life Support?

Madoff … Weiner … Wall Street Wolves …

Stockbroker Jordan Belfort, whose life is portrayed in The Wolf of Wall Street, lived the high life before going to prison for fraud in the 1990s. Bernie Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in jail after stealing $65 billion from investors in what the New York Times called the biggest fraud in history. Anthony Weiner lost his congressional seat and the race for New York’s mayor after the sexually explicit messages the married man sent other women were exposed.

March Is National Ethics Awareness Month

George K. Simon, a clinical psychologist who is an international authority on character disorders and the social and cultural factors that foster them, contends these men and others develop and thrive in an ethics-deprived American culture where everything is permissible and attitudes of entitlement are pervasive. Simon argues:

  • Americans are rearing children without strong character.
  • We need to stop inflating children’s self-esteem and allowing them to take credit for things over which they have little influence, like looks and intelligence.
  • Credit should be given to those who use their gifts for the public good.

CREDENTIALS: George K. Simon is the author of CHARACTER DISTURBANCE: The Phenomenon of Our Age, which offers in-depth explanations of problem personalities and perspectives others can use to avoid being victims of people who have them. Simon is a board-certified diplomate in forensic and clinical psychology. He served as a supervising psychologist for the Arkansas Department of Corrections and on the Arkansas Governor’s Commission on Domestic Abuse, Rape and Violence.

AVAILABILITY: AR, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone

CONTACT: George K. Simon, (501) 258-8326 (AR);

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