Abbondanza! Thanksgiving Italian American Style

Italians living in Italy may not celebrate Thanksgiving
as we do here in North America, but Italian Americans
have certainly embraced the holiday and made it their
own. Italians love any holiday that brings together
friends and family (and of course food!), and every
family of Italian heritage has their own unique
traditions, especially when it comes to the menu. As
well as the expected turkey and side dishes most
Americans are familiar with, an Italian Thanksgiving
often includes some antipasti, a pasta or soup course,
and traditional sweets to complete the meal. Invite
author and food blogger Dominic Condo to discuss the
many ways Italians incorporate their traditions and
culture into holiday dishes. Dom shares traditional
(and personally updated) Italian American recipes and
the family stories that go along with them in his new
book “A Little of This and Some of That” and his blog
“Cucina Domenico” Contact him at (484)680-2176 (PA);

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