7 Out of 10 Families Are Headed for Disaster

Could Yours Be One of Them?

If you died tomorrow, what would happen to your loved ones? Would they be able to focus on grieving, healing, and remembering the happy times with you—or would they face the added trauma of drowning in taxes and wrangling with the government over your debts? Seventy-one percent of people have no end of life plan, leaving their families making decisions in a vacuum and teetering on the edge of completely avoidable emotional and financial chaos—but you can save your family from this fate.
Former fire chief and end-of-life expert Tim Pelton debunks the myth that final affairs take care of themselves without planning. Himself the sole survivor of a family of five, Pelton counsels listeners who are unsure how to begin important conversations about dying with their family members—while outlining potential planning pitfalls based on his personal experience. An empathetic and passionate guest, Pelton uses a light touch and forthrightness to inspire listeners to get their affairs in order, all while giving them the push they need to give their families the gift of peace of mind when they pass away.
On your show Pelton will discuss:

  • Why dying should be like going to Disneyworld.
  • How to make sure your family—and not the government—gets rich when you die.
  • The 7 most important things to know about your will.

CREDENTIALS: Tim Pelton is a former fire chief who has responded to major disasters around the country, including school shootings and 9/11. His book is THE ULTIMATE FAMILY GIFT: Peace of Mind Through Personalized End-Of-Life Planning. His Web site is www.timpelton.com.

AVAILABILITY: Cromwell, CT, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Tim Pelton, (860)-638-1800; tim@timpelton.com

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