5 Things No One Told You About Boarding Your Dog

With the spring and summer travel season just around the corner, many pooch owners will be boarding their dogs. Canine expert Faith McCune realizes that this can be very stressful for pets and people, who often spend their time away from home worrying about the safety and well-being of their dogs. McCune can share important tips to ensure that Fido is safe and enjoys his vacation, too.

Plus, she can discuss alternatives to boarding pets such as hiring a pet sitter, and how to find the most reputable service providers; tips for those who want to take their dogs with them when they travel; what to look for in a pet-friendly motel; how to effectively socialize a dog for any scenario; and more.

This doggone knowledgeable guest can also share these tips:

  • Specific qualities to look for in a kennel or other dog boarding facility.
  • What to look for when signing your dog up for obedience classes.
  • Why spring is the best time to train a puppy, and how to go about this.
  • Effective potty training and pup safety tips. * Tips for socialization and bite inhibition.
  • The importance of patience and understanding when dealing with an unruly pup.

CREDENTIALS: Faith McCune is the author of DUFFY’S WORLD: Seeing the World Through a Dog’s Eyes. She is a lifelong dog owner and dog behavior expert who was mom to a rambunctious Australian Shepherd, for whom her book is named.

AVAILABILITY: CA, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone

CONTACT: Faith McCune, (855) 997-7900 (CA); fcmccune@hotmail.com

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