5 Reasons You Should Bring Back the Family Dinner This Year

Kids today are out of control, less fit and more likely to be depressed or using drugs than their parents’ generation. Teen employment rates are at all time lows, and 36 percent of young adults live at home.

Karen Leonetti, food expert and educator, says the family dinner is as close to a cure-all for what ails this and future generations as we can get. She’ll explain countless benefits of regular family dinners and tricks to make them fun and healthy.

She’ll reveal:

  • How sharing meals helps the whole family – from kids with increased self-esteem, greater resilience and better behavior to improved communication and cooperation between all.
  • Fun, safe ways to get everyone involved in meal preparation (and why you should).
  • 5 ingredients you must avoid and the physical and mental health problems associated with them.
  • Delicious and healthy ingredients that won’t bust your budget.
  • Meal ideas with secret, healthy ingredients (think cauliflower mac-n-cheese) and desserts that will have everyone drooling.

CREDENTIALS: Karen Leonetti holds child development associate and specialist degrees. An educator for 20 years, she opened and ran the only 100 percent green, organic school in Florida for 17 years and has extensively researched healing through food. Her children’s book, YUMMY TUMMY RAINBOW GARDEN, encourages healthy eating habits, including healthy desserts and includes a bonus of four gluten, sugar and dairy-free recipes.

AVAILABILITY: NC, nationwide via arrangement and telephone
CONTACT: Karen Leonetti, (941) 650-0574 (NC); freshfood4kids@gmail.com

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