5 NLP Techniques Parents SHOULD Use on Teens

Dealing with moody, back-talking and distant teenagers can be exasperating for parents who often wonder what happened to the sweet little boy or girl they used to have. What can parents do to improve their relationships with teens? Find out when you interview Gaye O’Brien, whose experience as a longtime teacher and neuro linguistic programming trainer make her uniquely qualified to offer practical advice you have never heard before.
An entertaining guest who has provided insightful tips to USA Magazine, Parents and numerous newspaper, radio and TV outlets, Gaye can discuss:

  • What NLP is and why it can be a parent’s best friend.
  • Why instead of saying “I wish you would pick up your clothes,” parents should say “it’s great the way you turned down the TV when I went to bed.”
  • How to read your teenagers’ subtle body language and tell if they are listening to you.
  • 8 ways to build rapport with any teen.
  • The posture parents should assume when they want to convey that it isn’t advisable to go to a particular party, miss curfew again or hang out with a particular friend.

CREDENTIALS: Gaye O’Brien is an NLP trainer, coach, educational consultant, author and inspirational speaker. She is the author of NLP Essentials for Teachers: The Art of Encouraging Excellence in Your Students, and contributed to the best-selling series Adventures in Manifesting: Healing Within and Entrepreneur Success Stories: How Common People Achieve Uncommon Results.

Check out Gaye’s Web site: www.gayeobrien.com

AVAILABILITY: Nationwide by arrangement and via Skype; available last minute
CONTACT: Gaye O’Brien, gaye.obrien@bigpond.com; Skype: gayeobrien


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