5 Common Myths about America’s Most Important Document

Think You Know What the Constitution Says?

As U.S. politics seem to grow more dysfunctional by the day, people sometimes wonder whether the Constitution is still relevant. It’s gotten so bad that some people have begun to advocate and embrace radical solutions to the nation’s political crises, including scrapping the Constitution altogether. But how much of today’s government does the Constitution actually describe? Not as much as you think, says author Carl Jarvis.

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Historically, checks and balances were found not only in the Constitution, but in the political process as well. About a hundred years ago, political incumbents began stripping the checks and balances out of the political process, which led to the situation we face today. Jarvis maintains that, to understand the crisis we face, we need to go further back than a week ago or even a decade ago; we need to look all the way back the root of the problems we see today.

Have Jarvis on your show to talk about:

  • 5 common myths about the Constitution.
  • Do we really need to amend the Constitution—or call a convention—to fix our political process?
  • 5 ways the presidential nominating process erodes “Government of, by, and for the People.”
  • The clear and present danger of Congress’s all-time low approval rating.

CREDENTIALS: Carl Jarvis is the author of THE UNITED STATES OF DYSFUNCTION. He is a former U.S. naval officer whose interest in the history of American political institutions was kindled when he first took the oath of office to “support and defend the Constitution” two decades ago.

AVAILABILITY: Texas, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Carl Jarvis, (281) 389-9850 (TX); carl@CarlJJarvis.com


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