5 Common Foods and Medicines You Should NEVER Give Your Pet

Why Dogs Can’t Eat Chocolate…

Parents know they need to babyproof their home to make sure it’s safe for their baby or toddler. But pet owners are often unaware of hidden dangers that could be fatal to their beloved pet.

Help educate and inform your audience about common hazards lurking in their homes when you interview Dr. Louise Achey, author of WHY DOGS CAN’T EAT CHOCOLATE: How Medicines Work and How YOU Can Take Them Safely.

Dr. Louise is a pharmacist and professor of family medicine who is passionate about protecting pets (and people) from ingesting harmful substances.

Here’s what your audience will learn from this entertaining expert:

  • Nearly 25 percent of calls to pet poison centers involve human medicines.
  • 2 common painkillers that are deadly to cats.
  • Cannabis is the most common substance eaten by pets treated at her local pet emergency center.
  • 9 out of 10 calls to a pet poison center are about dogs.
  • The top 3 pet ingestions in 2012 involved pesticides, plants and hormones.
  • The dark side of chocolate: why it’s so dangerous for dogs.
  • This prescription-only antidepressant is irresistible to cats.
  • Which ordinary household item you’ll need on hand if asked to induce vomiting in your pet.

CREDENTIALS: Dr. Louise Achey has been a practicing pharmacist for 34 years. She is also a medical school professor, award-winning teacher, newspaper columnist, speaker and author who has done dozens of
radio interviews on taking medication safely.

AVAILABILITY: WA, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone

CONTACT: Dr. Louise Achey, (509) 658-2570 (WA); louiseachey@gmail.com; www.askdrlouise.com



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