3 Things Kids Need to Know About Yoga

As Seen on Fox News and USA Today

With Michelle Obama focusing on childhood obesity in America, parents are striving to find ways to help their kids incorporate exercise into their daily lives. Not all kids thrive at organized sports, though. One healthy alternative, wholeheartedly embraced by the White House as a worthy physical activity, is yoga.

Interview the world’s leading authority on yoga for kids, Teresa Power, who will share her three-minute ABC Yoga Routine for Kids and how it can change your child’s life forever. Sure, parents want to know that yoga develops flexibility, coordination, focus and strength, and it also helps children become calmer and more self-aware. But Teresa will share the three things your kids need to know about yoga—and how you can interest them in learning more using a medal, a diploma and an apple.

Teresa will explain some of the surprising benefits of yoga for kids, including how it:

  • Provides them with a daily, non-competitive form of exercise.
  • Has been proven to be an effective non-drug treatment for ADHD and autism.
  • Gives them a way to naturally unwind from their fast-paced, over-stimulated lives.
  • Can be introduced to babies, too.
  • Helps kids develop their stamina and strength for other sports.

CREDENTIALS: Teresa Power is the world’s foremost expert on children’s yoga, having sold more than 150,000 copies worldwide to-date of her multiple award-winning book, THE ABCs OF YOGA FOR KIDS.

AVAILABILITY: CA, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Teresa Power, (310) 266-7705 (CA); Teresa@abcyogaforkids.com; www.abcyogaforkids.com


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