25% of Families Are Stressed Out by Debt

How Even They Can Have the Best Year of Their Lives

According to a recent Mintel survey, one in four households reports experiencing significant stress over money problems and 52 percent of respondents believe that being debt-free at retirement will be impossible. Julie Renee Doering — who once faced high medical and credit-card bills and even spent time living out of her car — can offer your audience members the kind of rapid results techniques that can turn their financial lives around in as little as 21 days.
Julie Renee knows what she is talking about: she has worked with such luminaries as a top-level astronaut, a Google VP, Pentagon officials and Hollywood actors and has many amazing success stories to share. Now let her tell your listeners:

  • The secrets to rebooting your money mindset.
  • What to start doing now if you are broke or feel undervalued at work.
  • Ways you might be blocking your money magnet (hint: check your front door and entryway)
  • What the Divine Human Blueprint is and how you can use it to achieve 100 percent health and bountiful wealth.

“Just when you think you have heard it all, you haven’t. Not until you read and experience Julie Renee. Her unique and powerful formula for designing your life, for your greatest expression, is in your hands. What a gift!” — Rae Zander, host of Everyday Attraction

CREDENTIALS: Julie Renee Doering is a master health activator, speaker and author of the new book, THE 100% YOU FORMULA: How to Achieve More Energy, Vitality and Focus by Clearing Hidden Blocks to Your Success with Quantum Energy.

AVAILABILITY: San Francisco, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone; available last minute
CONTACT: Julie Renee Doering, (415) 491-4951; julierenee@julierenee.com

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